Creating the Perfect Patio

It is becoming that time of year again! The warmer weather is beautiful, and we all love to spend our time in the outdoors when it is nice outside. However, there can be some challenges to making the perfect backyard oasis. Castle 1 Day Coatings has helped many homeowners over the years when it comes to creating the perfect patio. Our patios not only look beautiful but are able to withstand the test of time. We want to help you get your perfect backyard oasis ready for you to relax in throughout the summer. Starting now will ensure that you are planting your flowers or garden at the proper times so that come summer when they bloom, they will be beautiful.

The first decision that you’re going to want to make is if you want a patio or a deck. There are pros and cons to both. Here in Colorado we can provide homeowners with patios that won’t crack or split and can withstand the beating of the Colorado sun. More than that though, our coatings are strong enough to resist normal wear and tear, abrasions and chemicals. We even back up our work and products by giving them a lifetime warranty. Not to mention that most homes already come with a patio attached to them. By expanding the patio you already have and putting a coating on it that will dry within 24hours will start your off on the right foot to get that perfect backyard oasis.

Now that you’ve got the first part of it figured out, its time to start designing what you want around it. Furniture is a must! Do research to find out which is going to be the most cost effective while also being easy to maintain at the same time. Do you want an awning that enables you to be shaded from the sun whenever you want? How about a garden? Or maybe just some flowers? There are a lot of different options when it comes to your backyard oasis. The key is that it is YOURS so make it how you want it. Everyone likes different style types so make sure that you go with what you will love and want it to be around all the time.

Creating the perfect backyard can be daunting. Take it just one step at a time though. Start out with the patio type you want. Call us today to get a free estimate on getting a coating on your patio today. Do so before time and the sun take its toll on your patio. Don’t leave it unprotected! We are happy to work with homeowners on a budget. Get started today! All your residential projects will be done!

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