Epoxy Coatings Protect Your Colorado Drive Way In the Winter

Colorado winters are no joke, and despite our best efforts, the shifting weather can cause serious problems to your driveway. When winter weather is headed your way, you need to be sure that your smooth driveway surface can stand up to the freezing and shifting that comes with the season. Here's what you need to know:

How Winter Weather Affects Driveways in Colorado

You may be thinking that driveways are built to handle the weather where you live, but that is not entirely the case. In fact, one of the problems with concrete is that it contains water, to begin with, and it remains porous after it has set. This means that more water can seep in and hang out inside the material for extended periods of time. When this water freezes, it expands, putting pressure on the surrounding concrete. At first, this may not seem like such a big deal, but over time it will cause cracking, crumbling and separation of the pad.

To add to this problem, Colorado experiences some very unpredictable weather patterns, meaning that the water being held in your concrete is not able to freeze and thaw gently. Instead, the wild swings in temperatures cause the water to rapidly expand and contract, oftentimes at different rates depending on how the sun hits your driveway. This exacerbates the problem even further.

How An Epoxy Coatings Help

One great way to prevent this type of damage to your driveway and garage is with the help of an epoxy coating. An epoxy coating is painted onto the clean concrete surface and will provide a water-resistant barrier for years to come. Epoxy coatings also enhance the natural durability of your concrete by closing up some of the surface pores so that your concrete will be less likely to stain, mold, mildew and more. This extra barrier also improves heat retention so that your driveway will not ice over as quickly and you can enjoy a slip-resistant surface.

Castle 1 Day Coatings can help you apply an epoxy coating to your driveway and garage any time of year. The process is quick and easy and will lead to a significantly longer life for your concrete. You can return to using your driveway in as little as 24 hours, confident that water will stay out. Plus, with the smooth epoxy surface, you can easily mop or sweep up any mud or water that does get tracked in. Call Castle 1 Day Coatings today to learn more about epoxy solutions for your concrete.

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