Ways to Prevent Falls in Nursing Homes

A simple fall may leave me or you with a bruise or two, but that same fall for an elderly one can mark a sharp decline in their quality of life. It is just a fact that our dear older ones are not able to recover as easily as they could in days past. That is why it is so crucial for special facilities like nursing homes to take preventative steps in order to create as safe an environment as possible. And Castle 1 Day Coatings wants to help you do that. Here are 5 ways you can reduce the risk of falling in nursing homes.

1: Keep an eye on residents who have a record of falling. Studies show that individuals who have a history of falling have a much higher risk of falling again. Take special care to assist them where they need to go.

2: Create a workout plan. Having a workout program for residents has proven to assist elderly ones with fall management. Light exercises to help them gain strength will allow older ones to right themselves more easily.

3: Take note of residents with diabetes. Age and diabetes come along with a whole slew of difficulties. One being an increased risk of foot injuries. Unfortunately, foot injuries and falling tend to go hand in hand. Be sure to keep a special eye on residents with diabetes for this reason.

4: Log which residents have cognitive impairment. Elderly ones with forms of cognitive impairment such as dementia, have increased difficulty with balance related tasks. Therefore, it is wise to have these residents as a part of your fall risk ledger as well.

5: Keep watch on female residents. Statistically, female residents are more likely to fall. For this reason, be sure to monitor them for their wellbeing.

Mostly this list consists of which residents you should be giving special attention to. And for good reason! If you are looking for even more practical solutions for fall prevention, Castle 1 Day Coatings’ durable and slip resistant floor coatings may just be what you're looking for. We work with all sorts of healthcare facilities and are dedicated to helping you create the most comfortable and safe environment for your residents as possible. Give us a calltoday to discuss all the options we offer!

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