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What surfaces are suitable for your concrete coatings?

Our coatings are designed for garages, basements, patios, walkways, driveways, workshops, etc., and for business or industrial use.

Can you fix my patio, it has faded?

Stamped concrete typically fades after only a few years. In most instances, we can refresh it after we take a look at it.

What materials or chemicals do you use for your coatings?

Most often, we use polyaspartic coatings. These coatings offer a number of benefits including strength, durability, antibacterial and antimicrobial surfaces, ease of cleaning, and anti-slip texture.

Can you really put these coatings outside? How well do they hold up?

Colorado is known for its unpredictable weather and changing temperatures! The coatings we use can be installed outside because they have components in them to prevent yellowing or fading and are more flexible than epoxies or paint.

Can you really install my garage floor in one day?

Yes! We install most projects (up to about 1200 square feet) in ONE day. No waiting around a week or more for an epoxy or paint to dry.

Other companies offer lifetime warranties? What is yours?

Lifetime for polyaspartics only applies to fading and yellowing. Additionally, our material will not crack or chip. Hence, we offer a limited lifetime warranty.

More Questions

 I have seen other floors cracking - do yours?

Our floors don’t crack, but the concrete underneath moves and can crack frequently since Colorado is tough on concrete. 

Why would I choose polyurea instead of epoxy for my concrete coating?

For most projects, we think polyaspartic coatings are the superior choice. Why? The cure times are much faster! These coatings are also 4 times stronger than epoxy, and more flexible which means your new floor will be more durable. And, they hold up better in our Colorado environment! Road treatment chemicals can eat away at epoxy coatings, with most floors needing to be redone in 3-5 years or less. Our coatings are nonporous and designed to protect your concrete from wear and tear.

Do you prep the floor before you coat it?

Yes! Prep is the secret sauce to a long-lasting floor! We use industrial grinders in all of our work.

Do you do custom projects?

Absolutely! If you have a set of custom colors in mind for your new chip concrete floor, we will be happy to work with you and find something you love. We offer endless color customizations for your style, hobbies, or favorite sports team! We can even install logos into our flooring designs.

How do I set up an appointment to get a quote?

Call, text, email, or fill out the form here on our website!

What can I expect during my estimate appointment?

We will spend 20-30 minutes with you. We will listen to you, review your space, and measure it up. We will offer you product options, pricing, and incentives to save to money. And we will ask if you want to move forward with us.

Do you have a minimum project square footage or cost?

Our flake projects start at $2,000, and our concrete overlays have a minimum of $3,000.

I love your work, and your products. Do you have any ideas how we can save the most money in getting a floor done?

Sorry, you will have to ask us this one during your estimate, but we have some great ideas for you!
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