Why You Should Consider Installing Floor Coatings

Many people don’t give much attention to their floors until they start attracting attention for all the wrong reasons. Your floor can be utterly stunning if it’s taken care of, but if ignored, it can look unattractive and become dangerous to walk on or drive across. One way to improve the value and appeal of your floor is by installing floor coatings. And, concrete coatings are the perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Floor coatings are durable, protective layers used in places where heavy traffic or corrosion is expected, including chemical plants, warehouses, and manufacturing floors. They can also be used to:

  • Route traffic
  • Mark traffic aisles
  • Define or brighten areas of facilities
  • Cover stained concrete

If you are looking to install a waterproof floor coating in your space, Castle 1 Day Coatings is here to help you achieve your desired results fast. We offer many coating solutions at affordable prices. 

We Are One of the Best Floor Coating Companies in Denver

Are you wondering who to entrust with your floor coating project? We are professional, certified, and experienced installers that specialize in all kinds of coatings. We offer one-day concrete coatings, like our chip polyurea, and other coatings that take a little bit longer to cure, like waterproof coatings, epoxy flooring, auto shop floors, and industrial coating options. We promise to give you a beautiful finish no matter the kind of floor coating you choose.

As one of the best floor coating companies in Denver, Castle 1 Day Coatings offers services for a variety of industries including residential, commercial, industrial, retail, office space, hospitality, manufacturing, warehousing, educational/government, and public buildings among others. We provide a wide range of solutions at competitive and cost-effective prices including polyurea, polyaspartic, epoxy, concrete polishing, logos, concrete staining, metallic epoxy, grind and seal/clear, moisture control systems, concrete preparation, minor floor leveling, and floor covering removal.

We Offer Floor Coatings Installation & Repair Services in Denver

Our service areas include Denver, Aurora, Littleton, Englewood, Parker, Centennial, and Castle Rock, CO. For inquiries about our floor coatings installation & repair services, contact us today at (720) 377-8882.

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