Get the Strength and Beauty of Metallic Epoxy Flooring

When we talk about metallic flooring, we’re talking about your floor becoming a work of art! Metallic epoxy floors are highly customizable in terms of colors and finishing, and leave you with a stunning end result you’ll be eager to show off! Metallic epoxy coating is a highly durable concrete coating that gives your concrete floors beautiful depth and style with a “guild” of metallic flakes.  

Benefits of Metallic Flooring

There are plenty of benefits of installing metallic flooring. Here are some of them: 


Metallic floor coating is a popular choice for showrooms and public spaces because of its look. The metal flakes in the epoxy give your plain old concrete floors a three-dimensional pearlescent look. And no two metallic floors ever look exactly the same so you’re guaranteed a custom result! 


With three layers of protective coating, metallic floors can stand up to heavy foot traffic. 


Metallic flooring is customizable, so you can have it installed with additives for traction. 

Who Uses Metallic Epoxy Flooring?

Metallic floors can be installed in both commercial and residential spaces. While it’s wonderful indoors, this type of flooring will fade in direct light, so it is not recommended for outdoor areas. It is perfect for any indoor concrete floor you’re trying to beautify for public use, such as showrooms, convention center floors, or office spaces, or if you just want a gorgeous basement or main floor for yourself. 

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Metallic floors require trained expertise to install, and you should always use a professional contractor for your installation. To get a quote on adding metallic epoxy coating to your property, call Castle 1 Day Coatings. 


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