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When it comes to concrete coatings, for a long time epoxy has been king. But polyurea coatings are becoming a popular choice for many residential and commercial projects. Contractors prefer it because of its incredibly fast cure time. That quick cure makes installing polyurea floor coatings a fast, intensive process. Because of this, you should never try to DIY a polyurea floor coating. Without proper training and preparation, it’s easy to make a costly, permanent mistake. Instead, hire professional installers who possess the right equipment and knowledge to do the job correctly.  

Benefits of Polyurea Concrete Coating

There are good reasons contractors love this type of coating. Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Quick Drying, in Any Weather

Because polyurea floor coating dries so quickly, it can be applied in one day, and in any temperature. So whether it’s 100 and sunny or 25 and chilly, installers can still complete the work. 

  • No Fading

Polyurea coating has a clear, glossy finish with no color bleed during the application. It will never fade or lose color, even under constant direct sunlight or heat. 

  • Incredible Damage Resistance

A polyurea coating system is stain and chemical-resistant in addition to heat. This makes it great for commercial factory and warehouse situations. And your garage floor coating polyurea will stay looking as good as the day you installed it for years to come. 

Polyurea Coating

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