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If you’re looking for concrete floor coatings in the Denver area, you want to consider your many options by getting in touch with a stained concrete flooring contractor. When it comes to providing services to our customers, Castle 1 Day Coatings excels at quality work and craftsmanship while striving for customer satisfaction. Not only that, but we also work efficiently, and that’s why we provide many one-day coating services to our clients, helping to minimize hassles and down time where you cannot use your new space. 

Stained concrete flooring is an excellent floor coating option because the color won’t fade, peel, or become flaky. It’s considered a permanent solution when it comes to the color because it penetrates into the concrete’s surface and will last for many years to come.

3 Benefits of Stained Concrete Floors

Looking at the bigger picture, stained concrete floors come with a variety of advantages:

  • Durability and Style

It’s meant to be durable and won’t lose its color no matter how many people walk on it. Stained concrete also offers you versatility and customization to suit your design needs and budget.

  • Maintenance

Once you’ve invested in a stained concrete flooring, you won’t need to put in a lot of effort in its maintenance. They’re easy to clean and don’t trap any dirt or dust. 

  • Cost

Stained concrete floors are an economical flooring option. Keep in mind that your project costs can increase with multiple colors or looks that require intricate details.

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