Sanitary Concrete Coatings for a Healthier Facility

Keep your medical facility clean and sanitary with our sealed concrete floors.

Denver Healthcare Flooring

While the healthcare field might not be the first industry to come to your mind when you think of concrete coating applications, there are more uses for it than you realize. From increasing the lifespan of your floor to creating a space that is easy to clean, you can expect to see many benefits when you coat your Denver healthcare flooring. While the new surface makes cleaning so easy that anybody can do it, the installation itself is best left to a team of professionals for the best results. Luckily, Denver residents can count on the factory-certified technicians at Castle 1 Day Coatings to get the job done right!

Safe and Sanitary Coatings for Concrete Healthcare Flooring

We understand the importance of good hygiene and sanitation in the healthcare industry, and that’s why we offer our concrete coating installation services for Denver medical centers, assisted living homes, and more. You can work closely with our healthcare floor installers to choose a color, texture, and finish that is most appropriate for your facility, but regardless of how you customize your coating, you can always take advantage of the following qualities:

  • Non-Porous Surfaces: You can easily wipe up spills and sanitize your healthcare flooring because the coatings prevent bacteria from growing in the pores of the concrete.
  • Anti-Slip Textures: Make your hospital or office safer for your doctors and nurses with our textures that increase traction and decrease the risk of slipping.
  • Chemical Resistance: Don’t worry if any harsh chemicals spill on your floor—our products are tough enough to withstand them!
  • Health-Care Requirements: Our formcove floor finishes enable us to fit all of the necessary requirements to be health department approved!

Learn More about Our Healthcare Flooring Options in Denver

Are you ready to find out more about how top-quality industrial floor coatings can benefit the healthcare industry? If so, contact the experts at Castle Coatings today. Give us a call or fill out our online form to request a free, no-obligation based on your project details.

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