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Denver Patio Coatings

Is your Denver patio as stylish and functional as you’d like? Or are you constantly doing repairs and upkeep just to be able to use it? At Castle 1 Day Coatings, we know that you have better things to do than worry about your patio’s durability—and we’re here to help you get the easy, attractive, and low-maintenance design you’ve always wanted. We don’t even have to tear anything out or construct a new patio from scratch; all it takes to boost your outdoor living oasis is a fast and simple application of our innovative Denver patio coatings!

Enhance Your Outdoor Area with Stylish, Hassle-Free Patio Concrete Coatings

Though the Denver climate boasts pleasantly sun-filled days all year long, the variable temperatures and strong sunlight can take a real toll on bare concrete patios—causing numerous problems like cracking, powdering, and splitting. More than just an aesthetic concern, damaged concrete can also impact your home’s property value and allow moisture to seep into your foundation.

Fortunately, though, preventing these all-too-common concerns is easy; just call Castle Coatings! Designed for both reliable performance and beautiful style, our patio concrete coatings are:

  • Available in a range of stylish formulations, including chip, quartz, and metallic
  • UV-stable to prevent deterioration even in direct sunlight
  • Strong enough to resist abrasions and chemicals
  • Pre-tinted for a consistent color finish throughout
  • Installed with optional surface textures for safer, slip-free use
  • Applied by factory-trained experts
  • Fully cured and ready for use in as little as 24 hours
  • Backed by lifetime warranties!

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For residential floor coatings in Denver that are easy to install and even easier to maintain, look no further than Castle 1 Day Coatings! From the patio and pool deck to the driveway and basement, our concrete floor coating systems offer dependable performance for years to come.

Find out how just beautiful and affordable your new patio floor could be by getting in touch with our certified flooring experts today! Give us a call to speak with a local expert, or use our simple online form to request your free in-home cost estimate.

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